Penkeths Office Supplies

Penketh Group are an Office Furniture, Business Supplies and Managed Print Solutions and were keen to explore avenues of increasing their client base. ICS designed a contemporary folder and brochure incorporating iconic imagery from the North West of England to reinforce Penketh as a local supplier. A distinctive 8 page furniture ‘Menu’ brochure and ‘Kindle’ shaped mailer, were also created, turning this into a very successful campaign.

Sales Campaign

Penketh’s required a sales campaign focused on ‘the chair’ to promote their furniture offer. Integra Creative developed an 8 page brochure communicating the emotional benefits of the chair, rather than just the practical benefits. Images of chairs in different every day situations were used, together with human figures as cut out silhouettes to demonstrate the emotional benefits, connecting with the target audience and highlighting the importance of the chair itself.

Integra Creative also managed the printing of the brochure which included silver wire binding, double folded pages, laser cut out images and velvet lamination, ensuring maximum impact when received by prospective clients.

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